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08:07pm 10/12/2007
  I'm scanning for teh viruses!

My neighbors really need to get some WEP going on. Lucky my connection is faster than there's or I would totally take advantage. OK maybe I have logged on with the DS a few times...
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08:41pm 09/12/2007
  Married Life is good. We spent a long weekend in Traverse City at a nice place on the Bay. Top floor, balcony overlooking the Bay, fire place and Whirlpool tub. Good times.

Super Bad is a great movie. Saw it in theaters and bought it on DVD. Also the third Pirates was much better than I expected. I liked the shit outa that flick G.

The Nintendo DS is how a roll these days. I get my Brain Age on and mess around with Cooking Mama. These games are more fun than they deserve to be. You just pick them up, whip up some Rice Balls and then go about your business.

I finally caught up on Half-Life. Now I just need the Orange Box. I need it like I need air.

Nick! Get a 360 and Halo 3 for Christ sake! Sell you cute little girl into slavery or some thing. Not for real, but get a deal going and re-nig on the baby after you get the cash.

That's about it.

Oh yeah. Allison and I went wardriving. That is love.
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Super quick typing post!   
10:08am 10/10/2007
mood: Happily Married
I am officially MARRIED. Crazy. The ceremony wasn't bad, but when I signed the papers I almost freaked out a bit.

A good time was had my all.

Thanks for drinking more than a few


with me Nick. Even Amber had one.

I also have a fully stocked bar at my house now, so come over play Halo3 and drink with me.

I will post pictures when I have some.
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teh haloz again   
10:22am 27/09/2007
  let me tell you why Legendary was worth 130 dollars...

cuz its freakin awesome!

the box is bigger than the one the 360 came in

and it holds your game disks

So in summary if you don't own a copy of Halo3 Legendary you are a bitch.

Thank you
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I haven't stopped peeing yet...   
12:37pm 25/09/2007
  I have taken a few pictures with me and my legendary Mjolnir Mark VI Helmet! If you are a close friend or relative you may have received a picture message on your phone. If not please wait until I get home to upload more pics.

Oh and the game itself is pretty freakin' sweet!

09:56pm 24/09/2007
  Going to the Halo 3 Release tonight at 12! Pick up my Legendary copy and then play until I end up like one of those Chinese people who play video games for to long and stop eating drinking and peeing. they stop peeing! oh then they die..


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Super Bad   
01:25am 16/09/2007
  When out with Becky and Justin today and saw Super Bad. The Best Comedy Ever. I couldn't stop laughing. Go out and see it right now and come back to reminisce with me.


I wish I could say more, but I can't muster the strength...
tell your friends and neighbors ay!   
08:22pm 13/09/2007
mood: burnt
I refuse to lower myself to using myspace. so, for all information shane related you have to come here. bookmark if necessary.

so, i got a sunburn at the mud bog on sunday, but at least i didn't loose my bumper.
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BUY MY PS3s   
05:43pm 17/11/2006
  See that my 14 hour wait pays off. Hit my eBay listings and buy my PS3s. I ship for free! Come on! You know you want it!


Home stuff   
08:30pm 09/05/2006
  Allison and I worked on our yard ALL DAY TODAY. It was horrible, but the results are fantastic. We put in two huge gardens and started our patio. We picked up 22 huge patio blocks (we needed 30, but they were all out) And when I say huge I mean 2 ft. by 2 ft. Let me tell you that those are some heavy fuckers. We only got the spot dug out barley and we still have to level it out with about 12 bags of topsoil and a few more hours of back breaking labor. Allison's brother dropped off a bunch of pea gravel for our drive way. That was the last thing we did today. Shit, it was rough. Our house is painted (mostly) and are yard is landscaped (partly). It's looking very sweet.

We are working on having the best damn house on the block. I'll post pictures of our progress when I find the camera.

My pockets hurt.
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